Feeling A Little Random Today…

Some days are filled with the most random of thoughts.  But, you know what, that is totally ok.  Life shouldn’t have to be planned out every second of every day.  Enjoy a little spontaneity in your life.  You only get to live this life once – but if you do it right… once is all that you need.

When the phrase Caterpillars 2 Butterflies came to me about 2 years ago, I had absolutely NO idea what I was supposed to do with it.  I’ve always been interested in writing, so I thought maybe it was to be a book.  I still haven’t completely ruled out that possibility. The one thing that I do know for sure, I am on this Earth to help others.  It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with that.  I always thought that the only way to really help was from within the medical field, as a nurse or something. But, I am beginning to understand that there are other ways.

I have been blessed with a gift… I know how to utilize my words to help motivate and inspire others. I use my creativity to paint and draw to uplift the spirits of others. I can connect to the energy of others and through my compassion, begin to lift them up.

I continue to move forward every day…knowing that my path will to continue to open up for me just like it has for the past several weeks. I try to encourage people to reach out. I do not claim to have a degree or any such thing at this time.  I am simply using what I have been genuinely graced with.  Life itself has lent me my fair share of lessons, that I hope to share with others.  I offer heartfelt advice, and opinions, as they apply.  And in the end, if it helps one person – then I have fulfilled my purpose.


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