Power Of Your Words…

Are you ready to have the best day possible?? Well, the only thing potentially standing in your way is YOU! Let’s look deep within ourselves on this beautiful and amazing day that we have been graced with. We need to really access our inner capabilities to put together our ‘I AM’ statement for the day.

Quite possibly the 2 most powerful words ever…I AM! They emulate our belief in ourselves and represent the very power we have over our lives. Because of the power of these 2 words, only follow it up with only the most positive things you can think of. By repeating the statement over and over – we strengthen the power to move beyond just words. Consequently, the more and more that we say the words,  the deeper our belief in them becomes.

So, what will your statement be today??  I AM…Courageous. I AM… Strong!! I AM…Here to make a difference!!



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