My Challenge To You… 

When is the last time that you took a little time for yourself?? Hmm, if you’re having to think about it then it has been too long!! Why do we do that? We deserve to take time for ourselves. After all, isn’t that a fundamental piece of advice that we always give to others?? Well….? Ha, yep – it’s the sad truth, isn’t it?
It’s not selfish to put yourself first once in a while. Well, ok…maybe to some degree it is. But, it almost needs to be a necessity. If you can’t do a little bit for you, then you won’t be at your best for others. Besides, if you don’t do it…exactly what kind of example are you putting out there? It’s like you are saying that you don’t really matter, and that’s not a truth we need to live by!

So, practice what you preach! Take yourself to the movies one day. Go spend a little time out in nature somewhere, maybe by a lake or out on hiking trails. When you spend time out like that, you will be amazed at how it will rejuvenate you. Being out in nature gives us a chance to ground ourselves to what really matters most. The complexity, yet simplicity of the very world around us. It’s very healing to the soul.

So, this is my challenge to each of you!!

Make it a point this weekend to make yourself a priority. It doesn’t matter if it’s just a few hours or an entire day!! It will make such a difference!! What are you waiting for??? I want to hear what you did!!! I will be asking on Monday.. And I hope for some responses!!


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