Don’t Fear The Scars…

The scars are what make you who you are.  Sometimes the scars are visible, but then sometimes they are not.  Either way… don’t fear them.  An important thing to also remember, if those scars are from something negative – you can’t let them define you.  So a mistake was made… we are human.

I know that with the internal scars – it is so much harder to not allow them to define who we are.  Yes, I said that they are what makes you who you are.  But, there is a way to take the most negative ones and reflect out the positive.  That should be the ultimate goal.  I know that’s not always easy though.  More of us have those scars than people truly realize.

I want to challenge you though…. take one of them at a time.  Find a way to spin it around to a positive within your life.  You will be surprised how you will start to feel better.  It really is possible!!  Reach out to gather the right support around you… and become the best you that you can become.


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