Never Finishing Anything…

That used to be the way I looked at my life. I would start project after project, only to sabotage myself into believing that wasn’t good enough to truly accomplish it. It really began to weight on me heavily. How could I change this? More importantly, why was I that way??
Then one day I was talking to a dear friend. I explained how I had been feeling. He looked at me and said, ” well, you got up yesterday morning, right?” I nodded my head, “yea.” He thought about it a second, then asked “and you went to bed last night?” Again, I nodded my head, “yes…”

He turned to me and said, ” Then you finished something, didn’t you? You finished your day.”  I shrugged my shoulders, not really letting what he said sink in. He added that finishing something doesn’t always have to be as momumental as a huge project, or writing that book. Sometime it can simply be brushing your hair, eating lunch, getting up and going to bed… Acknowledge those for what they are… They are things finished.

The more I thought about that….the better I felt. Now I still have projects I want to get done…but I no longer let it consume me with guilt or anything when it just doesn’t happen. I will finish what I am meant to finish.


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