Hit or Miss…

As I may my 50 mile commute to work today, I am running in and out of these rain pockets. It will sprinkle just enough for the wipers for literally a few feet then stop. I get a few miles down the road and it pours hard for half a mile or so and stops again. It’s like this all the way.
It got me to thinking, life tends to treat us much the same way sometimes. We roll along with everything going so smoothly. All of a sudden, this cloud of bad luck seems to loom over us. We look within ourselves to find the positivity to get through it, and things rock along great for a while.

When we least expect it, we get slammed with so much that it threatens to drown us.it is during these worst tines that you need a tremendous support system around you. It can be family or friends, or it can even be someone new that you just met but instantly felt a connection with.

Honestly, sometimes it’s nice to have the fresh eyes there. An outsider so to speak can often provide a new perspective that those closest to you may not necessarily think of.

The hit or miss of life can be overwhelming. never be afraid or ashamed to look for help to get through.


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