Eyes Are Opening…

As I read through various blogs and such from the different motivators that I follow, I can’t help but think…how do they manage to come up with so much to say. 
So many days I struggle hard to pick a right topic or starting point. How do I not repeat something that maybe I happened to have read the day before.
Even after my soul awakening… knowing in my heart what I am supposed to do… I realize that it is FEAR that still keeps me somewhat paralyzed. Fear of not being good enough to truly make a difference.

It has started to click though. I’ve been getting so wrapped up in ‘helping the world’ , and where I want to be a year from now, or five year from now… I momentarily lost sight of the fact that it all happens simply one person at a time. If I can say just the right words from my heart, about my life, or say the right quote that I’ve read… And it makes a difference in the life of just one person- then I have done what I was put here to do.

I was getting so wrapped up in wanting to help the masses… lost in the dream of quitting my day job that pays the bills… That I was exploiting the very gift that my life is about. My compassionate heart and way with words will grant me far more rewards than mere monetary ones. I am here to help others…. One at a time!!

Now let’s make the most of this positively gorgeous spring day!!! I will always be here to help anyone, any time they need….just reach out!! 


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