Daily Prompt: Trace

via Daily Prompt: Trace She closed her eyes as he pulled her into his arms. There was just something about being right here, enveloped in his protection arms, she felt so safe. He gently runs his fingers through her hair. He felt her shiver, knowing it wasn't because she was cold. He began to trace... Continue Reading →


Setting Goals…

Its time to quit playing around. If there is an end result that really really matters to you...then what keeps holding you back?? Isn't it time to prove that its important? Whether its career, finances, relationship, personal growth...take that first step to make things change. What's really the difference in starting on it tomorrow versus... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Tidbits…

Today's Tidbit: All the money in the world can not buy you true happiness! It will merely get you contentment in a materialistic world. No matter how tiny you get, it will not get you true happiness! It will simply get you contentment in a VERY vain world. The only way to reach true happiness... Continue Reading →

Peace in the world??

The last couple of weeks have been an extremely busy time at my day job...so, sadly my blog has been forced to take a side seat. But, I wanted to take a few moments today to just say Thank You! Today we celebrate Memorial Day... It is a day to remember all the men and... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Radiate

via Daily Prompt: Radiate I pull my granddaughter into my lap as the first clap of thunder booms outside. As she reaches for her bottle and then snuggles in as close as she can get to me. She is getting ready to turn 1 in just a couple of weeks, and as I held her... Continue Reading →

Where To Go…

I dream of a life full of travel.  My gypsy soul desperately wants to roam free.  Free of boundaries, free of worries, just a free spirit in the wind.  But, where would I go first?? Such decisions to make, it would be so difficult.  If only there was a new career choice that would allow... Continue Reading →

The Light Starts To Fade…

As I walk in and say hello, She often looks at me and just smiles. I'm noticing the distance more, The light is quickly fading from her eyes.   To watch your parent change like that, I can't express how that feels. To know deep down in your heart - There's simply no chance for... Continue Reading →

Where’s Your Voice….

Why are we typically so hesitant to use our voices??  Why should we be afraid? Likely, it's the backlash from others. But, then that is giving others a power over you that frankly, no one ever deserves. From the moment we took our first breath in this life, our lives were most likely conditioned to... Continue Reading →

What will survive…Time will tell.

via Daily Prompt: Survive When you make the decision to go through a life-changing transformation, what do you honestly think that means?? If you think that your closest circle of friends, and even family, is going to remain in tact just as it is...then you have very naïve expectations.  I know that may sound brutal, ... Continue Reading →

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