Traffic Jams…

There is nothing worse than being stuck in a traffic jam when you have to be somewhere. The tempers build among all the drivers around you. Everyone is now running late. Late for work, late for school, late for important appointments.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do though. You’re stuck in the middle lane with cars all around you.

Then the car next to you motions to let you in front of him. Then that happens again. Next thing you know you’re on the outside lane and can now detour through the ditch to the wide open service road. Now, off you go.

I personally know what its like to be stuck in the traffic jam of life. I’m sure we have all been there a time or two.
Nothing ever seems to go right.  But then there’s that one person that says or does something that triggers things to fall back into place.

If you are the one stuck in the middle of the traffic jam – never stop looking for the guidance out. And likewise, if you are on the outside lane… Be the beckon for the one that is stuck in the middle!


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