Do You Matter???

We all get so caught up in the rat race of daily life! And far too often, we stretch ourselves so thin trying to take care of everyone else.

Maybe it’s time to make yourself a priority!! It’s ok, you know. We have that right. Let’s face, if you don’t take care of yourself… You’re really showing others that you don’t matter.

Hadn’t thought about it like that, had you?

Several years ago, I pushed and pushed myself doing for everyone else…to the extent that I had a breakdown and landed myself in the hospital for a few days. It still took me until just here recently to truly let the magnitude of it all really sink in.

Then one day – it all made sense! Now – I don’t consider myself a RELIGIOUS person these days, but I do see myself as spiritually minded. Yes, I believe there is a difference.  The point is, I finally realized that I needed to lay it all down. All the worry, all the disgust with myself, all the pain and misery I had been putting myself through.  I need to lay it all down at the feet of The One that I believe in and walk away. I needed to put my faith in Him, that He would make it all better.  And then I needed to completely forget about it.

Being the worry wart that I am, letting go was a VERY difficult thing for me.  But somehow, I managed to do it.  I went for several weeks just trying to simply make it through each day. Something was still missing, but at the same time, I wasn’t focusing on all the negative in my life.

Most of you will probably doubt me on this, but it was literally an overnight awakening.  Easter weekend (hmmm…significance there?? Maybe…) For the first time ever, my significant other and I had the most open, honest and heart-felt conversation that we have ever had.  We got up Sunday morning and went to church with a very dear friend.  I felt something stirring in my heart…but I didn’t focus on that.  When Monday morning, I awoke with the most empowering sense of clarity and understanding.  Every single storm in my life made perfect sense!

I know I have mentioned some of that in other posts…but, I just wanted you to understand that ANYTHING is possible.  But you have to be willing to change how you present yourself.  It’s NOT selfish to say that you matter most!  If you truly value yourself, and you want to attract love, respect, success, whatever…. then you have to step forward with the pride and confidence that you wish for others to see.  Take time for yourself. You need to learn to accept you for who you are – right now… Tomorrow is another day, and if all goes well – you will be a step better than you were today.

I’ve realized that I am here to put thought, and heart and soul into my words, to help move others to care about themselves.  I want to motivate and inspire others… I want to help them empower their own life, to become the success that they desire.

All you have to do is reach out…. Let’s do this!!


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