Take The Mask Off…

Why do we feel as though we have to wear a mask most of the time? Either we are hiding an enormous amount of pain, or we are pretending to be someone we’re not just for the benefit of others.

Well, that is no way to live!! If its pain or other negatives like that…. By wearing the mask you are only doing fatal damage to yourself! It’s time to get help. Find someone to support you emotionally.
Now, if you are pretending to be something, or someone, that you’re not   just so others like you, or approve of you… Again, its yourself that it harms.  But seriously… If they can’t love and appreciate you for who you truly are, well that’s their loss.
When you are true to yourself, you will be so much happier in life!! Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you’re not good enough just as you are.
I am here to help anyone if I Am needed..  You just need the right support!
So, are you ready to take the mask off??


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