Going Deep…

With summer quickly approaching, kids everywhere are gearing up for three months of fun. They all have a different perception of what fun is. 
I read a lot of other coaches & motivational speakers talking about letting your inner child out every once in awhile. So I have thought a lot about what that would mean for me personally.

My reality to that one is actually kind of sad. I dont really remember much fun from my youth. Instead, I remember being 5 and sitting in the hospital waiting to have my 5th eye surgery. I remember a piece of my spirit being left in that operating room and the recurring dream of being lost and terrified in a cold, sterile hospital hallway with no one in sight.

I remember living so far out in the country growing that there weren’t many kids to play with…so the animals became my best friends. Or losing so many loved ones to death- seeing them sick in hospitals and then dead.

So, the only thing I ever come up with when I try to let my inner child out… Is to sit somewhere by myself and color. But I have to stay in the lines. Mess up, that one goes in the trash

I can honestly say that I have pretty much come to terms with my history, although I still struggle with how to release my inner child.

My point of sharing all that…even with all that ‘baggage’, I still managed to turn my life around into the most positive result!!! I am going after my dreams of helping others. I used to think that the only way to help was to be a nurse or something like that.

I have since realized that even the simplicity of compassionate and understanding words can be just what someone needs. Nurses and doctors can’t always help the soul that has lost its fire. That often needs the support and sincerity that other people can give.

I hope that my stories will help at least one soul realize that its never too late to find that dream… To understand the purpose for their life.  And if we need to work together to let that inner child come out to play…. Then let’s find that spark!!! Just reach out!


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