Let the rain fall…

As I went to leave my house this morning, the rain began to fall. It instantly brought on a mix of emotions. Its only been in the last few years that I have learned to look at the rain in different ways. 

For so long I only saw the gloom…the dreary day that only heightened the depression. But as I allowed myself to open up and expand spiritually, oh at how my views have changed.

Don’t allow yourself to get stuck in the storms of life. Instead, appreciate the cleansing power of those rains. They can wash away all of the dispair, all of the pain that plagues you.

Everything needs the refreshing drink that the rain brings. Sure, the simple rain can transform into a horrible storm filled with thunder, lightening, damaging winds and more.

Life can be the same way- tormenting you with continual storms. Raise your head high, step into the storm face first and stand tall. The storms are there to teach us about our own power.

Let it rain… Let it cleanse your troubled soul and come out so much stronger after the storm. You got This!!!


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