Change your views…

I learned that there is always a new way to do things, or to look at certain situations. If you are not willing to do something different to get to a new place in life, then you will be spinning your wheels getting the same old results every time.

I stepped outside my comfort zone in many areas…. And you know what- it wasn’t all that bad!! I did a little research into the belief of energy healing, the ancient practice of Reiki, the power of meditation… It all began to make a difference.

Everyone has different beliefs, and that’s ok. You can not subject yourself to things just because that’s what someone told you to do. You have to find your own way, find what works for you…but always remember one thing- it all about YOU!!!

I’m not saying become a selfish, no nonsense kind of person. Instead, you have to take care of yourself, love yourself, believe in yourself….otherwise how do you expect anyone else to truly do that.

You are your own person…and do not need someone else right there to complete you. Sure- that is a very romantic notion. But, come on… do you really want to rely on other’s opinions of you- when they don’t SINCERELY know you. Nobody knows you like you know yourself.

This used to be my biggest downfall. I did not know how to be by myself, and be ok with it. I didn’t think I could do anything on my own. I had to have others around to constantly validate my very existence.  Finally being free from that, has been the most liberating feeling!

This will prove to be one of the primary reasons that I can say my own personal transformation is nearing completion. There will always be areas to work on… But freedom comes when you trust that you are healed….

I am finally free… Wouldn’t that be a wonderful place for you to be as well?!?! All you need is the support and motivation from someone who truly understands!! Let’s get it rolling…


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