Are you ready…?

I came across a quote the other day that really sank in.

 “In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.” 

Personally, I have spent so much time hating myself for choices I’ve made, and regretting things I have done…. It wasn’t until I accepted all of that for what it was- lessons in life… That I became ok with me! I wouldn’t be where I  today if it were not for the choices I have made. I’m not saying that they were RIGHT choices, but because of them….it’s molded me to who I am. It took going through all of the wrong decisions, dealing with all of the different situations to lead me to the soul awakening that I have had.

I guess I feel inclined to share so much of my story to show others that there is always the possibility of change. Great things can always happen. 

With the right support system behind you, those who believe in you wholeheartedly…. You can achieve ANYTHING!!! Never lose sight of that! The support doesn’t have to be someone you have known your whole life. It can just as easily be someone you just met, but there is such a connection there that drives you to be a better person than you were yesterday!! 

You got this…Let’s make it an amazing life…. Are you ready??


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