Watch Out World!!

You know, it is a positively amazing feeling to know in my heart that there is no longer a single thing I can’t accomplish. I simply have to put my mind to it.  The sky is the limit for me!

It wasn’t always like that though.  At almost 45 years old, I spent my ENTIRE life being a very meek, timid, insecure girl who lived life simply to please everyone else.  I just knew I would never be good enough to ever accomplish anything. And I survived through life only through the random validation from others that I  happened to be doing something ok at that particular moment in life.  It was actually quite a miserable life…battling major depression, anxiety attacks, even very severe suicidal thoughts.  It was by the sheer grace of God that I am still here.

After trying several avenues the last couple of years to try to overcome all of that…. just a few days ago it was as though someone flipped a light switch as I slept and when I woke up, EVERYTHING in my life made clear and perfect sense.

Why am I sharing this journey with the world now….. pure, honest pride for myself and all that I have overcome.  This awakening deep in my soul is turning into a very liberating experience.  But, I never could have done this alone!! I’ve had some very special and important people by my side to help motivate and inspire me to strive for that better place.  I want to be that same kind of support for others now.  I am here to help anyone who needs that helping hand to travel their own journey in life.  I did it…. and so can you!!!!

So, take that first step… reach out…. and let’s create a truly unstoppable life!!!


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