CAUTION… Under Construction!!

6 months ago…heck, 6 days ago-if someone had said I was on the verge of such a major breakthrough, I would have said they were crazy. If they had said I would be ready and willing to step in front of the world…ummm, I don’t think so!! 

But guess what, here I am!! Sure there are still things I want/need to work on. For once though- I can honestly say that I am perfectly ok with myself just the way I am at this exact moment. 

No one goes from the most horrible place possible to the greatest heights overnight…it’s a continual work in progress. What I can tell you though is that if you have the right people around you…it is a much easier road!! 

Sometimes we just don’t feel completely comfortable opening up and exposing our deepest flaws to those closest to us. Funny as it may sound- it can be less stressful to lay it all out for a complete stranger! 

I do not claim to be a professional counselor….but, instead I am a genuine person who cares about the souls of others. If you need someone to turn to….to vent to about a situation that you are trying to make better, or just need someone to help hold you accountable as you work toward a goal yourself- please reach out!! That’s what it’s all about!!


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