What Stage Are You…Caterpillar, In the cocoon, or Butterfly??

Let’s take a moment to look at the caterpillar. It makes its way through life until all its duties are done. Then just before death, it works tirelessly to encase itself within the walls of a protective cocoon. Once totally enclosed, the season of darkness and isolation begins.

Sometime much later, when the time is right…the cocoon begins to break apart. The butterfly spreads her beautiful wings and transitions into her new life she was destined for.

This analogy is also very fitting for our human lives.  The reality of life is not always kind. We are faced with challenges and struggles on a daily basis. Some of those may even seem completely insurmountable.

As I have made my way through just such a journey, I wanted to find a way to use what I’ve been through to help others.  I will be sharing quotes, sayings, poems, and stories that have helped me along the way.

One valuable thing I did learn – NOTHING you do will truly work unless you REALLY want to heal. You MUST set that as priority #1!! The journey to inner peace and happiness starts when you are ready to let go of ALL the pains and resentments of the past …And embrace all that you are at this very moment with an open heart!!

The road to that transformation is really a constant, continually changing journey.  But, with the right support and understanding…. you CAN do this!!!!


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