Caterpillars 2 Butterflies… What does it mean?

Far too often we go through life afraid & feeling as though we have to live our lives to please everyone else. We make decisions because its ‘what’s expected’…or its what will make everyone else happy. Our voice remains forever silent- as we do not want to hurt anyone… All the while, we are destroying ourselves inside.

You don’t have to have a degree to know how to get through life. Daily life has no instruction manual. Its simply trial & error… And far too often, for many it is a little harder due to a variety of invisible illnesses such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and many more.

If you are lucky….very, very lucky- you will hit the point where you have a near epiphany or reach such a spiritual awakening that you realize & understand that just like that….you have actually reached the pivotal turn where you have transformed internally. From that moment on, you no longer have to fear saying exactly what’s on your mind & you can begin to live your life doing what’s best for YOU!! That is truly a priceless moment! Self love finally has meaning, and you can begin the next phase of the journey. You will become even stronger & grow into the person you always longed to be.

I am hoping that by sharing all I can about my own journey, I can in turn help others. There will be quotes and stories and various messages to help motivate and inspire…I will work with anyone one on one if I need to- as I begin to put together my life coach business. I look forward to sharing with you all!


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