To those that have been here since the beginning back in 2017, and to all of those who are new here… Let me start by finally introducing myself. My name is Sharon and Caterpillars 2 Butterflies is a term that came to me many, many years ago. In the beginning – I had no idea what I was supposed to do with it though.

At now 50 years old, I have decided to turn the page and start yet another new chapter in this life. As the caterpillar goes through its season of darkness and isolation before calling it an end to the old life as a caterpillar and the beginning of the new life as a beautiful butterfly… I feel like I have myself gone through a personal transformation as well.

Reconnecting to my writing roots, and redeveloping my life structure into something that is deeply important to me. As I step forward with my writing ventures, and begin to pursue the possibility of publishing some of my works – the pen name Allie Green will be who the world sees. But it will always be ME at the core.

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31 Days…Day…

Well heck, who I am kidding? This should be day 24 in my personal challenge of 31 days of life lessons. This certainly didn’t go according to my original plan. But you know what, that’s perfectly ok. Plans are designed to have changes now and then, right? I let myself get so wrapped up in … Continue reading 31 Days…Day…

31 Days…Day 19

Today’s a big one… for me at least ! NEVER STOP CHASING THOSE DREAMS!!! It’s been a very long time coming for me- as I’ve toyed around with this dream for just over 12 years. I would always come up with every excuse in the book to put it off. The main problem though… was … Continue reading 31 Days…Day 19

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