Caterpillars 2 Butterflies is about helping motivate and inspire others towards their own personal transformation. I have big goals for C2B…already working on the 1 year and 5 year plans.  I have been through my own journey of transformation, and have reached the point in life that I realize my calling is to be there, be the needed support system, for others.  My compassionate heart simply wants to see everyone succeed toward their goals and dreams!  I hope that folks will reach out as they need to, never fearing rejection, or judgement, or any other negative aspect.

Let’s break free from the protective walls of the cocoons….It’s time to spread your beautiful wings and fly high!!

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What Will ‘NORMAL’ Look Like?

Life as we once knew it is forever changed.  The COVID-19 pandemic that has swept brutally across our country has left so much in shambles.  The majority were sequestered to a life of lockdown, and still may be.  I truly thought that by working at an auto dealership of all things, we would fall victim … Continue reading What Will ‘NORMAL’ Look Like?

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